We believe that good business is built on relationships, honesty, integrity and respect. We care deeply about the people we work with, the environment we work in, and that sustainable economic development should be balanced with future generations in mind.


Vero Management Inc. is a wholly owned Aboriginal company offering strategic advice and services designed with First Nations communities in mind. At Vero we recognize the many layers involved when tasked with developing and managing entire communities. We offer creative solutions to those wanting to engage in meaningful relationships while building business success.

We believe in First Nations self determination and Corporate success; in which one depends on the other and are striving to ensure this takes place. We believe business and community needs can be balanced in a way that guarantees achievement. At Vero we recognize the need for a holistic approach that can offer inclusive community focused solutions based on complex and uniquely specific needs.

There are many aspects to community development and at Vero Management we have the talent and resources to deliver outstanding results while contributing to thriving communities through demonstrated leadership and proven results.

We are an Aboriginal Canadian company that sees things globally.